01 July 2009

Gobi desert Mongolia

2009/06/26 – 2009/07/01

After a week in Kovsghol lake in the north of Mongolia we were planning to stay a few days in Ulaanbaatar to rest from our 20 hours in the mini bus and starting planning our second excursion.

We then decided to go and look for the perfect tour (fed up with local buses).
After visiting a few agencies and with no more than 9 days until our last day in Mongolia, we quickly realised that it was going to be hard to find the trip of our dreams, 7 days was the minimum to go to the Gobi and that is only with 3 days of sight seeing.
Lucky enough, in the morning (right after arriving from our long bus journey) we met a couple of guys on the street who indicated us the way to the Golden Gobi as we were looking for a guest house, they also mentioned they were organizing trips.
We decided then to ask them …

What a great surprise … “a group of 4 people are leaving for the desert tomorrow …You can join them but you need to tell us now” says the lady from Golden Gobi.
A minute to think about it and let's go … This day went so fast … we came back from Kovsghol, found a guest house, found a tour, bought our tickets for China (as we were leaving 2 days after coming back from this trip).
So here we are it is 8am in the morning and we are ready to go to Gobi … a little bit tired I have to admit.

Although, one thing is missing … three things are missing … seems like the English guys who were supposed to come with us had had a tough night (at the pub)!
Eventually they arrived … so here we are in this mini van … again … “en route” for Gobi … Rosine (french crew), Ollie (Surname French), Andrew, Dan, Zubin and myself.
So the team for this trip was made of 2 Frogs … 3 Roastbeef, a Cowboy (American/Indian), 2 Mongolians (the driver and our guide)

From 200906 Gobi

So what about the trip … well, in total, we went 7 days which included 4 days just to get there and come back and also 3 days of sight seeing.
That was a fantastic journey, great on the cultural side of things but also on the human side... We met some very nice people with great sense of humour, fun and interesting.
So during this trip, we were lucky enough to see the wildlife at its best with vultures, eagles, camels, horses, mice, hedgehog and all sorts of bugs.

From 200906 Gobi

What about the people … we met Nomadic people and they were very welcoming, I have to admit, I would not change my life for it but it was good to see people scratching goat's head with a knife … drinking milk salted tea (yes again), pooh in the middle of a desert storm, eating some sort of dry cheese and the rest.
On the landscape side of things … ruins of old temple, flaming cliffs, ice gorges, white stuppa cliffs, dunes and so on … I guess pictures explain more than a 1000 words.

From 200906 Gobi

From 200906 Gobi

This trip was very fun and relaxing … this was an amazing experience.

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