04 April 2009

First Aid Course

Hi Everyone,

We are getting closer and closer and it is time to prepare ourselves for every situation ... that's why we have decided to take a First AID course !!!
Good fun even though it was on a sunny day and i would have probably prefer spending it on a cafe terrace with a pint of beer in my hand ... yeah that's right a bit a weight for the forearm ... there is no small exercise.

Anyway ... only a couple of things to remember ... Look for Danger (...everything seems ok around the person, no arm around / Response ... Are you OK ??? (by the way if you can catch someone on the way and tell him you will need an ambulance) / Airway ? What is his/her mouth ? (piercing, chewing gum, tongue ... no you can't swallow it, although it can easily block your breathing / Breathing ... Please call an ambulance, i have a casualty, conscious and breathing !!!
Recovery position and that's it ... the less you do, the better.

Allez ... Fini mon post ... bye bye