29 May 2009

The transiberian experience - Moscow Irkustsk

MOSCOW - IRKUTSK - 24-29 May 2009
80hrs in 3rd class train - It's quite long!

What do we do then?

  • We sleep - between the snorers, people who sleep early and people who sleep late
  • We eat - first the food we brought (viva the noodles!) then so fat stuff bought from the platforms when the train stopped on the way
  • We read - magasines left behind by Russian woman obsessed by plastical surgery or recommened books - Like white swan! Thanks James!
  • We play - Uno with the Russian Army! or Mastermind where I had to stop Loulou from cheating!!!
  • We look at the life on the train:
- People in their sleeping robe + book or cards + Vodka, there were different profiles!
- People watching movies on their DVD players
- New arrivals and people leaving on the way
  • We plan - what we are going to do in Baikal when we arrive
  • We think (not too much) looking outside the window, our gaze lost in the Siberia
  • We queue to go to the toilet to shower using a saucepan (!), to do the washing up - normal as the ratio toilet / people was 1/26
  • We try to communicate, with the neighbours, with the carriage attnedant (proviednika), the sales people on the platforms, colleagues waiting for the toilet to be free with you! lucky Yaroslav the Army guy (Specail Force in Russia) spoke English so he could translate for us to the other people including the carriage attendant!
.... No time to be bored although enjoyed going out of the smelly carriage ;-)