18 June 2009

What a journey ... Ulaan Baatar to Moron

Imagine a bus for 36 people with 56 people on board, no boot for the luggage, hard seats and a trail road ... This was our 22 hour journey (600km) from Ulaan Baatar to Moron in the north of Mongolia where we should trek for a few days.

A few highlights include:
  • Swap of drivers whilst the bus is still running
  • Everybody gets off the bus to allow it to climb a steep hill
  • Obviously, no room for legs nor body since luggage are on the floor and people sitting in the alley on top of them
  • Running over a Dog (not very nice and quite shocking for some people), but managed to avoid cows, goats, sheep and horses etc.
  • Stopping an hour for the prayer ... after 4km departure.
  • Mongolian music during the journey ...
Anyway ... what a trip and a great experience to remember. Although we feel K.O after no sleep.

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  1. Hi Tom and Rosine, its Toby using Ana's blog to link to yours. looks like you are having some great experiences out there in the wider world. we will follow your travels with interest. Tell us about the food you eat en route, Ana will be interested in this as you can see from her blog she is a foodie! travel well and come and see us when you get back to the UK.
    Toby & Ana