07 June 2009

Lake Baikal...

Here we are, back from a week of camping around Lake Baikal.
What did we do?
  • Fishing on the lake, unsuccessful, and I have to say I am quite happy I saved some fish as I was not keen on freeing the poor fish from the sadic hook (such a girl I know...)
  • Camped next to the Lake's beach
  • Lazed on the beach, having siesta on the sand
  • Saw some seals, OK, very far away but still
  • Tried a pure old fashioned hospital for Thomas foot infection... (he is feeling better thank goodness, but that was not thanks to the nurses!) where we had to bring our own medicine and not say a word cos otherwise they would not want to cure a tourist - in case they made a mistake in the diagnostic! Lucky Dmitry was there!
  • Did some amazing 4x4 trek around the island - up and down like roller coasters!
  • Did some snorkeling in the lake to see some fish - only 4 fish and water at 4 degrees was quite refreshing even though I had a suit, also nearly died at putting the suit on ;-0 Thomas got some awful picture if you want to check. He managed to get away with it thanks to his foot
  • Ate some much fish in a week that we got sick of it (soups, grilled, etc.)
  • Did not wash for a week, we know each other so much better now!
  • Tried the Russian banya - home made on the beach with real beach stones and got hit by branches while sweating, unusual experience
  • Swimmed twice in the Baikal water (4 degrees) - OK it was after the 70 degrees banya and could not really think anymore and we only stayed a couple of seconds!!!
  • Discovered that you can do the dishes with some dried herbs, make a tap with a bottle attached to a tree and crush vegetables to make a soup out of a log!!!
  • Ate so much condenses milk we are now full of calcium, or that is what I was convincing myself as I ate it!!
  • Held a mini cow in my hand... proof here
  • Discovered one of the land of the shaman people
  • Etc.
In a nutshell, it was amazing, we loved it. Hoping that Mongolia will have the same spirit, bring on Mongolia!!!

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